WORDS : Tom Southworth

PICS : Courtesy Team Waterpolo

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After a manic year of gigging all of the UK, Preston-based electro-indie band ‘Team Waterpolo’ have returned to the city’s 53 Degrees where they first kicked off their gig-spree over eleven months ago.

 You’re just about to finish your October tour, with only a few days rest in the middle, you must be shattered after all of that ?

 Fred: Yeah we’re absolutely knackered, but it’s been so much fun, it’s been intense. It’s what we want to do, so we’re going to enjoy it.

 Lex: I think the adrenaline keeps you going…and the alcohol!

 What was your favourite venue on the tour? Besides this one of course.

 Fred: It will be tonight. But second favourite was probably erm…

 Ruggero: Nottingham or Glasgow? Can I say two?

 How does it feel to return to the motherland of Preston?

 Ruggero: Great! Glorious!

  Your first gig was here, just three months after you had formed. How did you manage that?

  Ruggero: What happened, was that we’d put some songs up on MySpace, and then we got made featured artists because the producer of MySpace really liked it. Then the industry went crazy, we got  management (ed: the same outfit that manage Elbow), who do a lot for you. Can’t live without your management!

  You’ve cited many influences ranging from The Beatles, to The Deftones, to a Tribe Called Quest, do you all listen to a wide range of music or was it a case of creating a melting pot of each person’s influences?

  Lex: Well we all listen to a massive, diverse range of music, although we do have our preferences. We listen to everything, except R’n’B, ‘cos it’s crap.

  Your new single ‘So Called Summer’ was released on 27th October. Can we expect to see any further releases from you in the near future?

  Lex: You can expect them…

 Fred: …but maybe next year, there’ll probably be a couple before the album comes out in the summer. They’ll be big releases.

  I’m intrigued as to where the idea for the Pop Art on your singles’ covers came from.

  Fred: The thing with the Pop Art is we thought that it fitted with the music. With the ‘So Called Summer’ artwork we just thought we’d have a bit of fun and made this scene in our head of Mexican wrestlers…

 Ruggero: Pulling down the sun, because that’s what the song’s about; although it’s still pretty random, like us really.

  Was it a dream come true to play at all the festivals you were at this year?

  Fred: Yeah! The best one was Glastonbury.

  You’ve supported many acts this year, but which one was your favourite?

  Ruggero: Mine was Supergrass.

 Fred: We learnt loads from Supergrass, because they were such a professional band, it made us realise hey – we’ve got to step up our game here. They were such nice guys as well.

  Did you get up to anything with them?

  Ruggero: Yeah we went out with them one night in Liverpool, the drummer’s absolutely mad, and seems to have some sort of a reputation for being a mental case. We just went to a club with them for drinks and chatted.

  Did you ever think you would have come this far back when you formed in July 2007?

  Ruggero: No, we had no idea how far we could get with what we were doing. We started with making music because we love music, and then it all blew up. We could never have predicted what was going to happen.

  What can we expect to see from you in November?

  Fred: We’ve got some Wombats dates coming up in November, but then we’ve got a lot of recording to do around Christmas and a bit of next year, then there’s going to be a lot of touring next year – so expect to hear a little more about Team Waterpolo !