the witchwood
venue:  The Witchwood, Ashton, Greater Manchester
address:  152 Old Street, Ashton-Under-Lyne
phone:   (0161) 344 0321 (POD)
mail:   n/a
(c) witchwood  

Not quite in Manchester – 6 miles way in fact – but believe it or not the Witchwood is the regular stomping ground for all local manchester unsigned acts. More recently they’ve also earned themselves a place on national tour schedules – The home to The Chameleons reformation and pre-festival warm ups by the bigger name acts. 

A generous attitude to supporting local music make this venue worthy of your attention – In addition the venue is good – like a tidied up Roadhouse, but with a nicer stage, clearer sound and a  better spread of casual seating ! – These all add further credibility to this satellite venue.

If you visit, get a flyer with details of how to get on their mailing list – the Witchwood is one of the only venues to have a regular free newsletter.....and its now gone virtual !.


 sound:normally great depends on engineer ::: layout:more or less perfect ::: lights:can be good-basic set up inhouse::: beer:good-good prices



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