studio / chicago rock cafe
venue:  Studio / Chicago Rock, Manchester
address:  23 Peter Street, Manchester, M2 5QR
phone:  tel: 0161 833 3000  fax: 0161 839 4000 

 Formerly the ubiquitous Life Cafe (upstairs) and The Late Room (basement) the venues have been re-branded Chicago Rock (upstairs) and Studio (downstairs) after a buyout - the difference ? none apart from a lack of regular live music and a growing number of generic indie discos being booked into the basement. corporate ? - well its glitzy and quite cool upstairs. Heavy door presence remains, but this is the binged up alcopop hell hole of Manchester with the tasteful Squares and Teasers just nearby. Gigs downstairs however can be quiet enjoyable despite the pillars and odd seating arrangements.

:::sound: passable if stood in the right place :::comedy cabaret club design :::lights:ok mainly spots::beer: lager and sugar alcopops at expected prices:::



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