venue:  Scubar, Manchester 
address:  136 York Street, Manchester, M1 7XN
phone:  0161 274 3189
web:  honeycombe leisure
Formerly known as ' the old steam brewery', SCUBAR is situated bang next to the new commonwealth pool, just off Oxford Road - right in the heart of studentsville, it  jostles up against the walls of KARUMBA. Nice decor inside is supplemented by a small but tidy basement venue - its bare - not even a set of decks grace its DJ booth, but it's fallow ground just waiting for the seeds of excitement and loud music to be planted. Good deals on the bar depending on the night. 


:::sound-depends on what you ship in:::layout:plenty of comfy chairs@ground level, nice basement:lights:bring your own::beer- student prices with offers::: 



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