planet k - original venue closed

more recently open as ASCENSION & mint lounge - future uncertain

venue:  formerly Planet K, Manchester 
address:  46-50 Oldham Street, Manchester
phone:  disconnected
mail:  return to sender
web:  never had one
(c) Why feature it ? well this is what we said :

" Pioneers and people with ideas donít always leave the City and fortunately for Manchester, two of them were still here to create and run Planet K. - A meld of Club and Live Venue culture has brought about one of the most exciting developments to Oldham Street and to the City. Hosting a range of events from pure club, to gigs from local bands, up and coming signed bands as well as stalwarts such as The Fall and the Buzzcocks, Planet K is the place to get or go to a gig."

Sadly it went bump  - a former carpet showroom that ultimately upped the live stakes and held some of the most pioneering club and live nights - great interior and ex-Hacienda sound system - RIP


 sound-was ace ::: beer-city prices ::: sadly missed 



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