band on the wall
venue:  Band On The Wall, Manchester
address:  25 Swan Street, Manchester, M4 5JQ
phone:  tel: 0161 834 1786  fax: 0161 834 2559

One of Manchesters older venues and traditional home to the local Musicians Union. Offers a wider variety of music, with Soul, Jazz, Country and sometimes folk gigs from established artists.

A great atmospheric venue of obvious architectural value, pushing against itís northern quarter neighbours, TBOW has been there the longest, with the most varied menu of music on offer. For indie and Alt.flavoured openings, bands can contact Mr Slater for the long running "showcase well north of london"


 :::sound:good rig and great sound:::layout:interesting structure with a big venue feel and balcony:::lights:quite good rig:::beer:ok not cheap



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