the academy
venue:  The Academy, Manchester
address:  Oxford Road, Manchester, M13 9PR 
phone:  tel: 0161 275 2930  fax: 0161 275 2980

The first ever Academy gig, was fittingly, a performance by the reformed Buzzcocks – a memorable night at a well designed and modern student union venue – This has been followed by many subsequent visits – Highpoints including Placebo, Bjork, PIL, Manics   etc etc – you name them , they’ve been here.

The Academy is the place for signed touring bands, typically successful indie charters and sometimes, big names.

A great place to see a band before they get too big to play to an audience smaller than an average premiership football crowd yet . It's small enough to be reasonably intimate, but big enough for creating atmosphere. Curfews mean that there's plenty of after show drinking time back in the City.

:::sound:depends on visiting rig - can be boomy :::lights: always good ::: layout: nice big wide venue:::beer:normal venue set up 



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