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MANCHESTERMUSIC catches up with Mark from Dead Digital - along with the rest of the DD collective, their urban festival, Sounds From The Other City 2006 builds on the innovative and magical success of last years event.

Bringing together the underground music scene in the backstreets of the regions other city, just a river defines the border of this hotbed of regeneration and perhaps the last remaining hope of a new cheap , cultural quarter. Whilst this hub of bohemian invention is just  a stones throw from it's neighbours millionaire flats, maybe the City Of Manchester is about to threaten to strangle out the last vestiges of Manchester's creative scene. Is Salford the new Manchester ?    

We may not answer that in the next five minutes, but we are xcited by the plethora of talent that's about to be unleashed over just one day ...    


MM : I remember Dead Digital – Pulby ? – Label for Escape Pod & Primitive Painter?  - Who are DD and what  are the DD outfit up to these days as well as  SFTOC ?


A long story as usual! Dead Digital was originally set up as a record label and we did five or six releases mostly from the acts above and a couple of uk releases for American acts. Things with the label slowed because of a lack of money really cos it’s a pretty expensive business. Since then we’ve moved base to Islington Mill where we have built a really nice recording studio in the basement that’s called onetwothreefour. We’ve really only finished that recently so hopefully that will get going in the next few months. Along with that we have been helping to organise the events and shows at the Mill which have been a huge success and a lot of fun. Most things are just kinda working it out as we go along, and whatever hasn’t been successful has been nothing other then interesting!


MM : Hmmm - Salford – Why ?


As mentioned in the first question we’ve been in the Chapel Street area of Salford for a couple of years now so I guess that’s were we call home. Once you’ve walked up and down the streets for a few months you start to get a different view of the place and ideas and notions pop into your head and that really is the simple reason why we decided to use Chapel St. Its got a lot of old pubs, really close to each other and its obviously seldom used. But people had been doing really interesting stuff,  at the Kings Arms in particular, long before we decided to do it. So hopefully this festival might play a part in encouraging other people do things in some of the other venues as well.


MM – Salford is literally a stones throw from the City Centre of Manchester – What do you think about the relationship and proximity of the two cities and its musical connections..?


Mmm! … its really odd having two big cities together and there is no doubt that they have very different atmospheres but ultimately I think the distinctions will be come less as time moves on and the overall city centre areas become bigger. It would be cool if it developed into an area where alternative music and arts could flourish, because it definitely does have the potential. In terms of its musical connections I guess a lot of stuff from Salford is written off as Manchester based, but ultimately as long as there is lots of good stuff happening in the area as a whole it shouldn’t really matter where it’s coming out of.



MM : Last years SFTOC had this –  “yep – Summers here” sort of vibe, plus nearly every up and coming indie promoter seemed to storm in with a hell of an eclectic series of line ups – What does 2006 hold in store …..?


Hopefully more of the same, we got incredibly lucky last year by having such a beautiful day which undoubtedly put everybody in good spirits. But  even if the weather is not as good, I think the quality of the line-ups this year is even better. Its not really a case of anybody showboating with a big act, but rather consistently good music throughout the day with everybody really putting on who their favourite acts are - those that are making music in the local area at the moment. There really are so many highlights that people should go away with having caught at least a couple of great acts.



MM – And DD / SFTOC are most excited about (which bands..) ?


I can’t really get excited about any of them 'cos last year I saw half a song by I Had An Inkling! - so I guess I won’t get to see much this year either. However if were having a nice bank holiday Sunday I would grab a quick pint in the Kings Arms and catch a bit of John Stammers before heading down to see John Smith at the Red Deer Club then over the Road to the Rovers Return for My Side Of A Mountain and Magic Arm then up to the Salford Arms for a bit of I had an Inkling then back to the Kings for Cherry Ghost, hotstep it back to the Salford Arms to catch David Thomas Broughton followed by a gentle jog down to the Mark Addy for The Whip finished off by a quick sprint to High Voltage at the Black Lion to catch Dead Disco. Yes… if running orders stay on time that should all be possible but don’t hold your breath!



MM – It’s year two and certainly to MM, this is easily going to be another success – what do you think the future holds – post SFTOC 06 ?  


Well  we don’t want to get too far ahead of ourselves !  – I guess like most things we will learn form whatever mistakes we make this year and hopefully improve upon it and continue to keep it fresh and exciting and hopefully build something that becomes a yearly thing. Like I said before, we tend to make it up as we go along so I think it will be a big case of that. but for sure keep Mayday bank holiday Sunday free in your diary for 07!



MM : Any final tips for punters this weekend ?


Have fun – check out loads of stuff an move around 'cos that’s the best bit of the day – its like a little mini adventure so make the most of it. and that’s it really.




Sponsored by ManchesterMusic.Co.Uk, the Arts Council For England and Salford Council, Sounds from the Other City returns after the triumphant sell-out of last year with an EVEN BIGGER new live music fiesta. Starring six of Manchester’s hottest promoters including Rain or Shine, Club Brenda, High Voltage, Blowout, Golden Lab & The Red Deer Club, you’ll find the best of the Northwest’s new music, with the freshest promoters and club nights as your guides. Brace yourself for the live music event of the year for just £7. The event is on Sunday the 30th April at various Salford venues - full details and line ups at : Sounds From The Other City 2006



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