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:: Pete Hickman ::
31 December 2010 / White Label / 3 Trk CD

Pete Hickman is based in London (but was originally from Newcastle-upon-Tyne then he lived in Brazil and then for some reason Wrexham…). Whilst unashamedly identifying himself as a singer / songwriter, this EP is a full band effort. Hickman, who garnered favourable reviews here with an early 2006 demo, takes centre stage but not at the expense of some eager and often muscular rock bound musings. His vocals melt easily into the sophistication of his new age, slightly off kilter rock. “The Master” revels in the icy harmonies more likely to be found in most varieties of intelligent Scando-rock, the warmth eventually becoming overwhelming via astute guitar hooks and some well informed production. The EP continues to dazzle, whilst Pete Hickman pursues an understated avalanche of intoxicating charm. As he states in his PR, Pete Hickman is a band rather than his persona – honesty and quality do work.


Pete Hickman

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