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:: The Hidden Gem ::
21 September 2009 / Demo / 3 Trk CDR

The Hidden Gem now actually have a MySpace page, with various band members listed as Twitter Dan, Vic Flange, Dusty Bandingo and Diamond Bill. I think it’s worth giving marks just for that. After making a debut foray into the live world, they declare that they’re openly thankful for not being bottled off stage, but I can’t see why they would ever be worried about that at all. Like their previous CDs, this latest demo contains further doses of their lo-fi, guitar led, frowning pop. Opener “Down The Years” delivers this with a taste of Manchester past present and you kind of get the feeling that “Never Go Back” would be the kind of song that could have ended up on a Factory Records compilation in the mid eighties. It’s a bit New Order and a bit China Crisis, which all gels into the charismatic narrative, accompanied by jangles – this is quite possibly the best track. “Coz I Luv U” is a clumping, clambering version of Slade’s ham-fisted pop hit. Here though the Hidden Gem smooth out the vocals and slow down the guitars. It sounds like a croon, built on the foundations of post industrial pop music and for a cover, they’ve successfully turned this tune into something quite unique to them – that’s how they should be done.


The Hidden gem

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