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:: Dirty Fire Project ::
01 July 2002 / Demo / 2 TRK CD

Probably illegal this, “Me An The Devil” as it samples Robert Johnson, in what is effectively a remix featuring instruments. The big beats are great and the sampling fits perfectly in. And it’s the use of the sample to maintain the thrust and theme which makes it successful. The drum breaks and guitar loop are simplicity itself, with a reluctance to capitalise on anything but the quality of the original melody and feel of the almost historical vocal cuts.

“Spirit Song” is a more trancey, big beat affair with some heavy sequencing and meaty riffs. It’s hard not to get hooked by this, with its weird maybe American Native samples and massive hooks. Perfect for some extra dialogue and maybe off kilter vocals? – All the same a really impressive track.

“Home” is a part produced number, but in this earlier form, mixes world music sensibilities with chillout beats and a lazy electronica bass line. Mellow but sharp. It’s a long meandering soundtrack with some great piano parts and drum samples.

As a collection of demo and work in progress this is an impressive collection of tracks, highlighting some original and striking electronic / dance from perhaps the next generation of club bound artists.


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