goldie lookin' chain

iNTERVIEW BY Craig Mather




Goldie Lookin Chain perform funny songs, with tongues well and truly in cheeks, and wear extra counterfeit bling for good measure. It’s by the witty videos and slapstick TV appearances that The “GLC” have developed a reputation as a careless and a very unusual success.


From the bands first known appearances people speculated as to whether the GLC were the next equivalent Beastie Boys or whether they were in fact more a collective of phonies who had more in common with the Spice Girls and cared about an industry of money as oppose to rap. Speaking to them, you get the impression that even they don’t know which they are more interested in, or if they actually know that much at all.




GLC: Skinny Man’s been our support on the latest tour, have you checked him out? The albums called council estate of mine; you should really check it out.


Before anyone else can get a word in The GLC have to start every interview by someway proving their rap credentials, in this instance, talking about Skinny Man and having a bag of marijuana the size of a small child’s head seems to give everyone else the impression they want.


MM:  How do you respond to people saying your act is a spoof, a parody?


GLC: I know what a splif is…Some call it truth and some call it slander. It’s open for interpretation. Let me ask though, had you heard of the GLC before the greatest hits? I should hope so, because like normal artists, we’ve released enough albums to make up greatest hits. We’ve had seven albums. No spoof can do that. 


MM: Seven albums? That must have meant you’ve been together since…?


GLC: 1983, that was the year of The Chain, you know you get the year of the dog, or snake…or something. That was the year of The Chain.


MM: So how old were you exactly when you started The GLC?


GLC: About six roughly, Mike Balls was slightly younger, he eats sleeps and shits GLC, and he is GLC… obviously not all of it.


Goldie Lookin Chain consistently gives the impression that they really couldn’t care less about anything, or anyone much, except the joint they’re holding which seems to be gradually disappearing.  They can’t wait to have a break, and go back to what they love.

GLC: I’ve been asked to go back to Megabowl when the business is up, like a student who comes back from University; I’m part of the same scheme.

MM: When you’d finished relaxing, what then? Is there a place you want to play more than any but haven’t got given the chance yet?

GLC: Oh Greenland! We could play for Father Christmas, that way we’d get better presents.

The irony that they want to play in a land of green, and pronounce their influences as something “long, it’s very smelly, and you smoke it, oh, and Grand Theft Auto”

The Goldie Looking Chain are hopelessly silly and babyish, and to far-gone to ever hold a sincere interview with anyone. Although it’s all part of their hip hop world…that started in Newport.

GLC: We started playing in rooms, and then just sitting people down in rooms, we got a lot of people in rooms, we got into that, and now we’ve got bigger rooms for people to jazz it up.

The band relish in the fact that there’s far more attention from “young ladies” and the chance’s they get to see people like Mystical off their head on Mushrooms backstage at festivals. It’s so apparent these groups of friends are nothing but a group of very lucky chancers.  During their sudden rise to fame, Mike Balls has had the chance to do something he’s always wanted to do. Start a Cat-Hating-Society.

GLC: It’s called “what a waste of skin and fur.” WAWOSAF.

If it wasn’t for the bands good friend “Terry Foreskin” A.K.A Terry Elliott, who writes all their songs and, in the bands own words “does that entire choreographer thing”. You get the impression the band would be lost, swanning round Newport, looking for a quick pint and someone to borrow a cigarette off, which begs the question.

MM: Why do you think what you do works so well?

GLC: We don’t know, there’s a man in Newport, sits on the streets with his head in a bucket all day, that’s the truth, and there’s another bucket next to him that people throw money into, and he makes a bloody packet, which goes to show it’s about getting by. We’re just happy to be getting by.

With that first and final ounce of modesty, the band swan off to find another smoke.





words: Craig Mather Dec04


pictures: (c) GLC / GLC Website


(c)(p) 04/05 - mbm