david r black - FROM LA TO LINCOLN

When it's the 51ST date on a tour you could excuse David Roy Naylor (one third of band DAVIDRBLACK) to be a bit road weary, but if he is he isn't showing it.  Maybe it's because he never ceases to be amazed at what travelliong in a band will throw up, whether it being asked to support someone in LA (that's Los Angeles not the Leigh Arms near Wigan) or last nights night gig in Lincoln.  

It's also a time for being focused on the reason why they (David Naylor Sarit Black & Paul Pai) got together in the first place- to play music.  After emerging from the ashes of their previous incarnations, including the Kings of Hong Kong, the 3 happened to be in the same place at the right time and DAVIDRBLACK was not so much formed but fell neatly into place

So how come they actually get to play LA?  Well they were appearing with a band named Four Star Mary, who have recently appeared at the Night & Day, when they the offer to play there next time they were in the USA. was made.  Expecting it to be with the usual good intentions rather that a concrete offer they were pleasantly surprised to be contacted indicating that there were a couple of support slots, and were they still interested?  The rest is history as they say, so tonight it's more of a reality check and a promotional event for a spilt single with Stone Fusion, on the 1000 Watt record label.  This is a by product of the successful bi-monthly Friday night club at the Bury Met where you pay only 4 to see at least 4, sometimes 6. bands play and it appears as though a lot of people want to see what going on, with packed nights being the norm.

So for tonight, its an appearance, along with other acts such a Stone Fusion, to promote a split single that is being launched as part of the 1000Watt record label, designed specifically to allow airings for bands that appear on the afore mentioned Friday nights.

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